Valid until 07/12/2020

It's that simple, take note ;)

A professional pilot will take you as a passenger in one of your best experiences of your life in a tandem or tandem glider. For this you don't need any special physical preparation, you just want to fulfill a dream and thus achieve a rewarding experience that you won't be able to forget in life.

We will pick you up at the meeting place. We will take you to the best launch (depending on the weather conditions of that day) and we will ensure you an absolute fun to feel like a bird that floats freely in the air, are you going to miss it?

The duration of the activity is an average of two hours. The time you will be flying depends on the weather, rarely exceeds half an hour. We recommend warm clothing (depending on the time of year) and comfortable footwear. Don't forget to carry your illusion backpack.

They use the best materials, and have hours, many hours of experience as pilots of tandem paragliding and single-seater. A good insurance, accreditation for tandem flights, kindness and confidence. We are experienced professionals. We have flown around the world offering Tandem services and as flight monitors. You will always be in the best and most expert hands.