Gran Canaria Walking Festival 2016

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Gran Canaria Walking Festival 2016

The Gran Canaria Walking Festival is an annual event, being this edition the 5th one, where hikers from all over the world will discover the most natural and exotic side of Gran Canaria. The participants can choose between different guided routes in which a professional guide will show them a different vision of the island.

The stunning geography of Gran Canaria and the whimsical nature offers amazing mountains, exuberant ravines full of native vegetation, hundred-years-old caminos reales (royal paths), traditional country houses and whimsical natural formations which offers a vast variety of landscapes. This is the set where will take place the Gran Canaria Walking Festival. It will be completed with cultural and gastronomic activities that will make this experience a unique getaway.

Making reference to our slogan “Much more than hiking” and due to the 5th anniversary, we would like to offer something special and different. After the past experiences, we have been improving this festival to turn it into a unique event, not only sports but also fun and cultural. An event in which walking never was so enriching!

All the activities that will take place during the event, and also the institutions and companies involved in the organization of the Gran Canaria Walking Festival are committed to the preservation of the Island environment.

From Gran Canaria Walking Festival, we want to invite all the hikers of the world to join this experience. There is much more than hiking, you will enjoy the extraordinary landscapes of Gran Canaria, share experiences with people from all over the world and establish deep, long-lasting and unforgettable ties.

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