Gran Canaria - one huge climb!

The climate and unique volcanic landscape make Gran Canaria a perfect location for practising mountain sports such as climbing.


Each route has its own history, which the different climbers have helped create. One of these routes is Ayacata, known worldwide by traditional climbers thanks to the quality of the rock, the height of the walls and boulders.


Gran Canaria’s volcanic topography was formed by three big eruptive cycles over 16 million years. The older rocks, formed by lava flow, are perfect for climbing due to their solidness and adhesion. Erosion has created the features that mark the island’s landscape: ravines, cliffs, mountain ridges, craters, boulders… A wide range of chimneys, fissures, slab routes, dihedrals, roofs, overhangs, etc. makes Gran Canaria a paradise for mountaineering.

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